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Infinit-e Off Grid Solutions

Infinit-e (off-grid-solutions)

After the radical changes in the renewable energy laws, the purpose of German solar pv systems has shifted. Having been considered a safe investment with an attractive return on invest in the past years, the decisions for solar pv today focus on its potential of saving energy by purchasing less electrical power and on the users independence. The own consumption of the solar energy brings great economical advantages for both private households and businesses. Being confronted with permanently increasing energy costs, Infinit-e´s customers can stabilize their expenses by installing a solar pv system along with a well proportioned storage unit. Furthermore, the additional energy can still be fed into the public grid to still attractive conditions.

At this point, Infinit-e offers thourough and transparent counseling for our various demands of our customers. There is always more than one solution and we will find the one that suits your demands best. You will find detailed information on the potentials of saving energy on our website and in our brochures. Feel free to contact us through phone or our contact form. Next to our work here in Germany, we strongly focus our activities on countries that enjoy a much higher solar irradiation. Together with our partners in Jordan, Ghana and Sambia, we plan and develop solar pv systems for various purposes.

Infinit-e offers a wide range of services, ranging from the distribution of small scale solar home systems to full scale projectdevelopment and on site training of our local experts. Our work aims at sustainable business relations, in which every stakeholder benefits from their efforts. While collaborating with our partners, the investors and the various governments, we gladly face the intercultural challenges that we meet on the way. Our goals are simple, we want to create access to solar power for people. We offer solar pv to provide a back up power supply, as a stand alone solution for off grid power supply, or to feed the generated power into the public grid.

This is how we design the future of renewable energies.